Siliconcoach video analysis software is designed to improve the accuracy of feedback to your athletes. We understand that your role is to support athletes/players in optimizing their technique and improving their performance, so we created a range of tool to do just that.Our software allows your athletes to see their own technique and see what you are seeing. This eliminates verbal misunderstanding and accelerates their learning from basic movements through to more complex skills.If you are training in the field, the tool of choice is TimeWarp. For light analysis and sharing of video, Siliconcoach Live is your go-to solution. If you're looking for in-depth technique analysis and detailed feedback, Siliconcoach Pro will do the job.

Siliconcoach Pro8

A main problem with giving feedback to athletes is when it gets lost in translation, as they cannot see themselves as you do. This leads training sessions to become inefficient and frustrating for all involved. 

The use of video analysis allows athletes to see what they look like when they perform. They retain and understand your feedback better and this results in an overall improvement of their skills.

Pro8 enhances your analysis with features such as high quality video, a flexible layout and an easy workflow. These features and more all work together to make Pro8 the most effective tool for improving performance and communication. 

Siliconcoach Live

Siliconcoach Live (SC Live) gives coaches the power to access cost-effective and simple-to-use video analysis tools online. You can share video clips and performance analyses with your athletes/players, colleagues and external experts.SC Live is designed to get you and your athletes interacting with the video and take part in online discussions about the analysis.Within SC Live, private user-groups (Zones) can be created for your group of athletes.