If a picture can paint a thousand words, what are the capabilities of video analysis?

Imagine a powerful way for you to review your (and anyone else's) performance. Using our products will greatly enhance the quality of the feedback you give and receive, which translates into accelerated improvement.

Our range of software is designed, built and sold by people with practical experience in the world of video analytics. This ensures that we produce relevant, simple-to-use products that makes the process of video review, feedback and sharing engaging and enjoyable.

Video analysis in even more detail.

Siliconcoach Pro8 delivers the best quality video, with the most flexible layouts and an intuitive workflow to give you the best tools to make accurate judgements.

Video-based review, feedback and sharing, brought to life online.

Siliconcoach Live is a Cloud-based environment that is easy to use, affordable and accessible. Register free.

Solutions for:

Coaches , Athletes or  Educators.

The Tarn Group

Making a positive difference in people's lives

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