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Siliconcoach Live   
Video analysis brought to life online.

Siliconcoach Live is a complete online video analysis tool that allows your athletes to see what you've been telling them, improving understanding and performance.

Getting started is easy with your own Zone in Siliconcoach Live. A Zone is a secure, private area where you have access to our full online video analysis tool, and can securely share your analyses and feedback.

To explore Siliconcoach Live join our trial Zone free for 30 days and upload, analyse and share your video.

Seeing is believing

Help your athletes understand the problems you're seeing by showing it to them. Improve understanding to increase performance.

Just video and continue

Live allows you to video your athlete for review later, so you can keep doing what you do best; coaching.

Easy sharing

It's never been easier to share, comment, and analyse footage together. Access your analyses anywhere with an internet connection.

Purchase a Zone on Siliconcoach Live for $500/year.

  • 1 Zone in Siliconcoach Live
  • Access for 20 user ($5/year additional users)
  • Siliconcoach Live mobile (free iOS app)
  • Windows and Mac video uploaders
  • 1 Complementary license of Pro8 

You can join our Trial Zone free for 30days.


Easy Integration

Capture video at the pool or the gym, then seamlessly push it into the cloud for detailed analysis.

Turbocharge Your Eyes

Use the analysis and onscreen drawing tools to uncover what really happened.

Mac/Windows Compatible

Available in a browser anywhere with an internet connection; flexibility when you need it.

Import Video

Increase flexibility by importing in over 100 video formats directly from any camera.

HD Video

Import HD video and retain the HD dimensions for even greater clarity.

Compare Multiple Videos

Get multiple views of the action in side-by-side comparisons.


Siliconcoach Live can expand as your needs and/or finances do. 

Frame-by-Frame Control

Step through the video with precision to gain even greater greater accuracy in your analysis.

Share Your Analysis

Send external reports to coaches, athletes and stakeholders.

Siliconcoach Live Mobile

Live Mobile means that no matter where you are, you can experience the sharing and analysis tools that Live provides.

By seamlessly connecting with your profile, you can work with both the app and website interchangeably.

This app can be downloaded free from the iTunes app store.

Siliconcoach Pro8

Compliment the way you use Live by pairing it with Pro8, a comprehensive analysis tool for your desktop. 

Use Pro8 to get access to a whole range of analysis tools and then share seamlessly with everyone through Live.

Pro8 Trial Pro8

Desktop video uploaders

Upload any video file effortlessly to your Live account by using the free Mac and Window uploaders.

Take a large file and see how it shrinks, saving you time and data when you upload.

  Windows Uploader  Mac Uploader


We pride ourselves on the support we provide here at Siliconcoach. In Siliconcoach Live there are a series of tutorials in the Help Zone, which cover topics from analysing a video, to how to take good video. Every member of Siliconcoach Live has access to these resources.

Siliconcoach Live was created using Bracken. Click here to go to the Bracken support website for more help resources.

Of course, if you still can't find the information you need, feel free to contact one of our friendly support staff - we'd love to help.