Getting around the software


The key concepts are (use the image below):

1.Always start a new fit from the Welcome Screen (even if it is the same client) by selecting either Existing client, New client or Quick Analysis.
2.Enter or retrieve client Information on the Client Information screen then move to the right.
3.Enter Pre-fit data (visit details and pre fit assessments) then move to the right.
4.Capture video for analysis then move to the right.
5.Analyse the video and fill in the recording form to provide the data for an automatically generated Report for the client.
6.Move to the left to capture another video or change the client Information or Pre-Fit data.

CAUTION: If you are starting another fit you must press the FINISH button to save your current fit and then you must start the next fit from the Welcome Screen, even if it is the same person.



Work Flow


1.Double click the desktop icon to start the software (wait 5 – 10 sec).
2.Make sure you are looking at the Welcome screen, then select an existing client or create a new one.  Click NEXT.
3.Review or enter the client's details on the client Information screen.  Click NEXT.
4.Enter the prosthetic and pre-fit assessment results in the Visit and Pre-Fit Assessment screen.  Click NEXT.
5.In the Capture screen, capture video clips of the client walking from the front and/or side. Click NEXT.
6.Analyze the video(s) of the client walking using the analysis and drawing tools in the Analyze screen.
7.Enter the results of your analysis as you go in the Pre/Post recording from on the left of the Analyze screen.
8.You must click FINISH to save your analysis.
9.To view their report click the EXISTING client button on the Welcome screen and select the client from the list.
10.Give them a Report via print, email or as a PDF file.