Siliconcoach video analysis software provides an interactive means of teaching movement principles and sporting technique to students. Introduce students to performance enhancement and injury prevention by letting them analyse their body position in sport situations alongside that of an expert.

Siliconcoach Pro8

Enhance how you teach concepts, theories and how to analyse performance. This advanced software will provide you with an easy way to teach students and get them started with analysis. Pro8 allows you to play clips side by side so your students can compare their technique to themselves and others. It gives them a visual context to apply feedback to, and helps ideas to really sink in. 

Siliconcoach Live

Make use of Siliconcoach Live's Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics modules to teach the basics to students living in the technological age. Give your students the opportunity to use our measurement and analysis tools to apply some of the theory by examining their own movement.Simplify complicated physics and biomechanics concepts by incorporating interactive software and allowing the learner to see how this theory plays out in practice by using either our own teaching modules, letting them analyse their own movements - or both.


Now featuring Siliconcoach Pathways, the interactive Bracken online learning platform encourages participation in customized learning modules created by you.Break performance of a skill down into its component parts and explain these parts using biomechanic principles. Discuss how biomechanics inter-relate to improve performance of skills and draw conclusions from performance analysis about which parts of the skill have the greatest impact on movement.

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