Siliconcoach video analysis software helps you move beyond your own sense of spatial awareness and your coach's verbal feedback by allowing you to see your performance for yourself. Often that's all it takes for you to connect the information together and make the fine adjustments necessary for improved sporting performance. Use the software to improve your technique and maximise your sporting performance.

Siliconcoach Live

Originally, athletes needed the support of a sports scientist or high-performance coach, using high-tech equipment to get any kind of benefit from video analysis. Now, with Siliconcoach Live, you only need an internet connection to have the ability to upload video and access simple-to-use analysis tools in order to critique your performance. Once in Siliconcoach Live, you have the option to share video clips and have online discussions with your coach, fellow-athletes and technical experts.


If you want access to immediate video analysis the TimeWarp is the tool for you. A simple to use programme that allows you to watch yourself on screen and adjust your technique. You set it up at the beginning of the session, and do not have to touch or worry about it until you have finished. TimeWarp lets you set a delay to review your performance as it is happening, compare your current performance side-by-side with previous trainings, or compare yourself with another professional’s movements.